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Synonyms for standardize

Synonyms for standardize

cause to conform to standard or norm

evaluate by comparing with a standard

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Brokers and underwriters, for example, who have daily interaction with multiple parties throughout the transaction process are finding standardizing data elements enables the industry to drive costs out of the equation, said Stephen Wyckoff, managing director of Global Broking for Marsh.
Streamlining and standardizing communications, business functions and management practices to be consistent throughout the global organization, while local offices remain sensitive to cultural and compliance issues in their markets, maximizes an organization's worldwide market presence.
By standardizing the Provider Identifier the result will be to eliminate slower payments, decrease health care costs and coordinate the efforts of the providers and the health plans.
To see the effect of standardizing, look at the comparison between Richard M.; Reference Model for Acceptable Business Communications, University of Pittsburgh Research Project on Electronic Records, available at ~nhprc/meta96.html; David Wallace, "Managing the Present: Metadata as Archival Description, Archivaria 39 (Spring 1995), available at Pub10.html; Sue McKemmish and Dagmar Parer, "Towards Frameworks for Standardizing Recordkeeping Metadata," Archives and Manuscripts 26, no.1 (1998).
In its second volume the publication surveyed topics as dissimilar as standardizing open systems (revolution or evolution), the fundamental problem of security and information technology, challenges in building and standardizing geographic information systems, and the politics and history of the standardization process itself as examined from many points of view - practical, political technological, and economical.
* Standardizing methodology t assess the environmental impact of products and packaging.
He then pointed out how Elemica's connectivity business model saves time for companies by standardizing and automating flows of information that facilitate transactions in areas such as order management, planning and logistics.
Improving health care quality requires a commitment to standardizing quality of care performance measures and reporting mechanisms, which is one of the primary missions of NQF in partnership with its almost 150 member organizations.