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a person who sets a standard for things to conform to


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With PDF Standardizer, publishers, agencies and other content creators can produce predictable, problem-free PDFs, and print service providers can more easily preflight and normalize source PDFs before placing them into production.
com): Marvin, JChem Base, Standardizer, Screen, Reactor and pKa, LogP, LogD, elemental analysis structure based Calculation Plugins.
The apparent universal standardizer is her own exception.
amp; LYON, France -- X-Rite, Incorporated (NASDAQ:XRIT), the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, and Alwan Color Expertise, a world leader in standardization and color management implementation, have joined forces to deliver the graphic industry's first automated press quality control and standardization solution featuring award-winning technologies from Alwan and X-Rite including: Alwan's Print Standardizer software based on their CMYK Optimizer engine, and X-Rite's IntelliTrax, the industry's choice for automated press-side color control.
Recode Component, including a code standardizer and code generator that automatically produces 100% functionally equivalent structured code to help transform cumbersome programs into steamlined applications.
Guzel Muzafarova, certification and standardization engineer of the TATNEFT Companys Bugulma Mechanical Plant was recognized as the "Best standardizer in the Republic of Tatarstan".
Open for Change, which is an invitation to the ISO community to look to the future through four key themes exploring future standardization needs, the use of new technologies, collaboration with other organizations, and attracting a new generation of standardizers.
For investors, they provide information on the share price formation process, especially in periods of greater financial market turbulence; for regulators and standardizers in the area of accounting, they provide important contributions on the process of accounting convergence towards IFRS.
Management innovation through standardization: Consultants as standardizers of organizational practice.