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Synonyms for standardized

brought into conformity with a standard


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capable of replacing or changing places with something else

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Looking at more than 50 studies assessing standardized packaging, researchers found only one country--Australia--had implemented standardized packaging at the time of the review.
The Standardized METL established by the AMRB provides a list of core capabilities and tasks that a unit must execute to facilitate Decisive Action in any operating environment and supports that unit's training readiness reporting.
In my school district, the standardized tests are horrible
Aren't we required to use standardized testing for 'real' assessment?
Both the Glendale and Burbank Unified school districts boasted improvements over last year on the Standardized Testing and Reporting exams.
Some of these languages are the intellectual property of XBRL International and are freely licensed and royalty free, such as XBRL GL, the standardized Global Ledger.
While a number of mobile payment schemes have made an appearance in the Japanese market, the Mobile Payment Promotion Council believes that a standardized payment infrastructure is an indispensable foundation for efficient payment system operations and that an integrated environment is the key to providing the most convenience to consumers and merchants.
When you offer a standardized leasing formula, it makes it easier for brokers, prospects and tenants to understand and move forward more quickly and easily as it pertains to work letters, pre-builts, built-to-suit construction and lease negotiations--all of which are done by our in-house agents and staff.
Just among schools themselves, with no legislation or forethought" they have been introducing standardized tests as part of a scheme to see what their students have learned before they enter the workforce, Wynne says.
Toledo, Ohio, a privately held genomic biotechnology company offering standardized, quantitative, multi-gene expression analysis products and services, has announced that its multi-gene expression technology has recently received 11 international patents.
Though some insurers have been working on this problem for about a decade, the market for cyberrisk insurance has been hampered by the absence of standardized policy language such as that which is available for more traditional risks.
But when New York State began requiring students to pass the standardized Regents tests in order to graduate from high school, Beacon was forced to reduce the number of projects and cut the time for assessing them.
With better performance at a lower price, easier management and near flawless availability, the Unisys ES7000 is attracting customers eager to benefit from a move to standardized systems.
It offers practical tips for standardizing international addresses, including city and country names, postal-code formats, abbreviations, sample addresses, information sources, and standardized codes for data interchange.
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