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Synonyms for standardize

Synonyms for standardize

cause to conform to standard or norm

evaluate by comparing with a standard

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The FASB standardizes accounting for certain NPO investments.
Recent industry efforts to standardize benchmarks of performance and some of the technology that has made this possible were discussed at CoreNet Global New York City Chapter's luncheon at the Roosevelt Hotel on May 27.
Our IT path has been to standardize our desktop computers because it reduces maintenance and compatibility problems.
If you base incentive compensation solely on clinical productivity, then you must standardize your productivity measure to allow comparison between full-time and part-time clinicians.
The Avaya solutions also allow News Corporation to standardize its communications infrastructure on a single network.
Applied informatics will help us to identify, standardize, collect, and analyze data about our patients and health plan members that will provide opportunities for quality improvement.
VIP will assist the Systems Development Branch to define and standardize business areas for the organization, map the 125 systems to the business areas, and help transition the organization to the new areas and mappings.
Sharing data brings such enormous economies of scale that it behooves practices that work together to standardize and integrate their information systems.
The clinician CIO can be a nurse, physical or respiratory therapist, pharmacist, or physician, but, while allied health professionals with training in information systems are invaluable for selection and implementation of clinical transaction systems, such as order entry and results reporting systems, physicians will more likely succeed in leading other physicians to adopt and use computer-based patient records, to standardize their data collection in the office to support computer-based patient records for inpatients and outpatient use, and to collect and analyze data from clinical processes and outcomes for profiling the efficiency and effectiveness of alternative clinical treatments.
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