standard operating procedure

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a prescribed procedure to be followed routinely

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This review first examines the research and documentation in Standard Operating Procedure.
Once approved, these analyses became the manual of standard operating procedures for all drug testing performed in the State.
Supply of 10 packages of the kit "DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit": for the supply of the kit in question has been selected, the company QIAGEN, apart from the request of a plurality of estimates, as it is a kit that is used for carrying Standard Operating Procedures for the detection of the following viruses:
CGMH implemented the RFID system in its operating rooms to improve patient safety by verifying and positively identifying patients, gathering real-time data, reducing risk of wrong-site and/or wrong-patient surgery, and ensuring compliance with hospital patient safety procedures or standard operating procedures.
We are constantly on the lookout for better systems and technologies, as well as standard operating procedures and protocols in undertaking repair and rehabilitation of damaged lines and energy facilities,' he added.
BEIRUT: Standard Operating Procedures for the Protection of Juveniles in Lebanon, a toolkit for protecting children against violence, exploitation and neglect was launched Wednesday.
implementing standard operating procedures for the creation, use, and management of Web records and maintaining adequate written documentation of those procedures
The LSO is also responsible for evaluating treatment areas, recommending and approving personal protection equipment (primarily safety glasses), posting warning signs, implementing standard operating procedures, supervising training of staff, laser maintenance and calibration, incident reporting and maintaining documentation according to OSHA and ANSI.
From philosophy and preparation, to standard operating procedures, mechanical operations, communication basics, command structure, the incident command system, hazardous materials, special operations, post-incident analysis and much more, Street Smart Firefighting covers both practical need-to-know survival issues and equally crucial matters of organization and beauracracy all vital to serving as a member of the fire department.
Character assassination, distortions of the truth and "dirty tricks" are standard operating procedures.
Tissue specimens for the NMMTB are collected and processed following rigid standard operating procedures designed to reduce any contamination to the tissue.
They will assist national mine action authorities to establish national standards and standard operating procedures.
The Institute's transfer of monitoring responsibility to Parexel comes in response to a FDA warning letter to the University that cited several clinical research violations and alleged that the Institute lacked standard operating procedures to safely conduct clinical studies.
Additionally, the time spent on each phase can depend on how often the planning process takes place, whether it occurs in an actual event or during a training exercise, and how often organizations update their standard operating procedures.
Have standard operating procedures been developed for all areas?
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