standard of measurement

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accepted or approved instance or example of a quantity or quality against which others are judged or measured or compared

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Well, at least that's the standard of measurement the Bengals use for their rushing game.
We take our responsibility to evaluate the needs of digital publishers, advertisers and agencies very seriously and we continue investing heavily to establish a standard of measurement that is useful for all parties.
LEED was created to define "green design", establishing a national standard of measurement that recognizes achievement in integrated, whole-building design practices by calculating performance points in five categories.
Miller will be responsible for the management of the analytical laboratory in the use of advanced characterization methods and instrumentation to ensure a high standard of measurement fidelity, data integrity and retrievability.
The methodology of the American Customer Satisfaction Index is the gold standard of measurement in the U.
LEED was designed, in part, to define green building by establishing a common standard of measurement and to transform the building market.
Flagging scores protected the test's usefulness as a common standard of measurement by informing readers, such as college admissions officers, when the test had been taken under unusual conditions, including receiving time and a half to finish the standard three-hour exam.
The Company has met jointly with AHRQ officials, as well as interested healthcare purchasers, consumer groups, federal agencies, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO) and others to consider a national standard of measurement and will continue to publicly support the effort.
Today's announcement from the IAB is a first step towards providing a consistent standard of measurement and methodology to Internet sites, increasing the general understanding of how companies measure audience reach and use.
According to Michael Bozic, chairman of the board and chief executive officer: "By any standard of measurement, November was the best month that Levitz has enjoyed for sometime.
According to Robert Hafer, director of financial publishing for Knight-Ridder Financial, "the revisions will secure and enhance the KR-CRB's leadership role as the preeminent standard of measurement for general price trends in the commodities market.
The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), in partnership with BAE SYSTEMS, today launched a revolutionary new Internet calibration capability, enabling access to the highest attainable standard of measurements, at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the world.