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the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

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Thanks to their consistent peak brightness, these "standard candles" are used to map the expansion history of the universe.
Farther out, distance measurements rely on "standard candles"--objects of known brightness whose distance can be inferred by how bright they appear.
Years ago standard candles revealed the presence of dark energy.
Yellowish, pulsating stars known as Cepheid variables remain the favorite, and many say the most credible, standard candle for estimating the distance to relatively nearby galaxies.
The notion that gamma-ray bursts are some type of "standard candle" may provide a new clue for discovering the sources that generate them, he adds.
What astronomers need is a "standard candle" -- an astronomical feature, visible in distant galaxies, that has a well-defined, known luminosity.
Also known as standard candles, Type 1a supernovae are extremely important for astronomers due to their steady light.
For this reason, RR Lyrae stars are known as standard candles -- objects of known luminosity whose distance and position can be used to help us understand more about vast celestial distances and the scale of the cosmos.
Cepheid stars became the first 'standard candles' in astronomy, making it possible to compute distances to far-off galaxies.
To measure its effect, they need "standard candles" objects with known distance and brightness that can be tracked as they are carried away from us on dark-energy-driven currents.
Type la supernovae are standard candles, events with known intrinsic luminosities from which observers can calculate their distances.
collection, Standard Candles, concerns cosmology and is forthcoming from
So, type 1a supernovae are known as "standard candles".
Anyone familiar with astronomy knows about the concept of standard candles. It is an astronomical object (like a type 1A supernova) with a known luminosity, which can be used to gauge the size/age of the universe.
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