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In December 2000, LifeFX launched its first consumer application using LifeFX Stand-In (TM) Technology, called LifeFX Facemail(TM).
IBM receives two LifeFX Stand-In (TM) virtual people, which will be incorporated into existing e-business applications.
Sadly, Walker died in a car crash during a break in filming but stand-ins and digital techniques allowed his scenes to be completed.
Contrary to reports, Philip Seymour Hoffman's remaining scenes as Plutarch on "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" would not be faked using CGI or stand-ins.
The two hard cheeses offered by Treeline, Classic Hard Cheese, which has a smoky flavor and edible rind, and Cracked Pepper Hard Cheese, which is tangy and dusted with spicy, freshly-cracked black pepper, are less convincing as animal-based cheese stand-ins than the soft varieties, but are still impressive.
2 million into local economy, hiring 80 local crewmembers and 350 extras and stand-ins, according to Demetrio Fernandez, executive director of the Puerto Rico Film Commission.
Every head of every smallish company must chase profits, not temporary staff as stand-ins for those on maternity leave.
Research at universities and industrial labs are being driven by the idea that robots will be partners of humans, rather than stand-ins or servants.
With more than half a squad calling off, Strachan hailed the stand-ins who stood up to the big guns.
It rallied to 800,000 last April under stand-ins Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb.
The team determined that potatoes were ideal stand-ins for passengers, given their similar physical interactions with electronic signal properties.
Collecting stories of replicas, facsimiles, stand-ins and substitutes, Story Map is a 12 hour performance that asks if we have to fake the world in order to understand it.
Gilliam hastily cast Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell as stand-ins for Ledger).
The director had to hastily cast Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell as stand-ins for Ledger.
It's incredible in this day and age of modern soaps to think that some actors could not perform on the two days of the performance so had to be replaced by stand-ins.