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After years of operating with little more than a stand-alone PC and a dot-matrix printer, Bobbie Edmonds, principal in the Law Offices of Bobbie Edmonds in Fort Worth, is now a staunch believer in making the switch.
The SunPCi II coprocessor offers users in technical markets such as EDA, MCAD, and MCAE who also work within standard MS Windows and PC application environments, a space-efficient alternative to having an additional stand-alone PC on the desktop.
And instead of a stand-alone PC, the default platform is now a machine connected to both a local area network and the Internet.
Achilles'Shield is a uniquely designed Windows-based software program that defends networked and stand-alone PC's from viruses carried by the Internet, e-mail, LANs, and diskettes.
3270Link operates over TCP/IP or within SNA networks either as a client to SNA servers from IBM and Microsoft, or as a stand-alone PC connected to the host over dial-up or leased lines.
Use LBE Web Helpdesk on a department or company intranet, extranet, the Internet or even a stand-alone PC. Leigh Business Enterprises Ltd.
These products can be used as network interface cards in a stand-alone PC or they can be configured to work in a WAN access server.
has been selected to implement a resource sharing system with a choice of access by Internet, stand-alone PC, or CD-ROM system for nearly 300 public libraries in the province of Ontario.
A more basic stand-alone PC service allows Barclays customers to pay bills, check and transfer balances.
While GETPAID is focused mainly for a LAN environment, it can also be used by a stand-alone PC that has mainframe access.
However, he believes the clone producers will hold on to their primary market - the stand-alone PC.
For users in technical markets such as EDA, MCAD and MCAE, whose IT departments have standardized MS Windows and PC applications, the SunPCi II coprocessor card offers a cost-effective and space-efficient alternative to having an additional stand-alone PC on the desktop.
For some users, GIS may mean no more than a basic automated mapping package on a stand-alone PC. A complete GIS system, however, includes graphics, design, and drawing as well as mapping capabilities.
If the data originate on a CD-ROM, special drives can be installed on the network or they can be part of a stand-alone PC configuration.
We see everything from stand-alone PC modeling up to totally integrated systems.