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capable of operating independently

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Currently, more than 1,900 New Hampshire residents are insured on a Northeast Delta Dental stand-alone dental plan through HealthCare.
Cost: Standard edition: one-year fixed stand-alone, $595; three-year fixed stand-alone, $1,339; perpetual stand-alone, $1,488; CAD Edition: one-year fixed stand-alone, $1,995; three-year fixed stand-alone, $4,489; perpetual stand-alone, $4,988.
Delta's official creditors' committee is likely to sit tight until they have a chance to review Delta's stand-alone plan and any competing bids that may follow.
Under the notice, the new procedures should be followed in Tax Court stand-alone cases in which the IRS has not determined a deficiency.
Willis surveyed about 300 of the top Fortune 1,000 companies, and found the total average amount of stand-alone Side A coverage was $57 million, with the median at $52 million.
Husky says that many of the key benefits of its integrated robot are available with the stand-alone robot, including synchronized motion.
Vivato debuted the Bridge/Router last April and is engaged in an extensive beta program to test the product's capabilities as a stand-alone access point and as part of a Wi-Fi system, which includes Vivato's 2.
As a stand-alone system, SAARMS has worked well since 1995 but Internet technology is fast making SAARMS outdated.
The stand-alone balance is little more than a rigid load on a pivot, as shown in Fig 2.
DTR will also offer The Toolmaker in a stand-alone version that includes nearly all of TMM's functionality.
So, to safeguard their prize, the couple got a stand-alone policy separate from what they had on their home with a $5,000 deductible that covered against anything that could happen to the lamp.
Of the providers responding to the survey, 59% said they provided assisted living as part of a CCRC; 20% represented stand-alone facilities, and 21% provided assisted living in a "multilevel" setting - i.
If a segment's share of joint cost is expected to exceed its stand-alone cost, it has no incentive to act jointly.
41(c)(3)(B)) when considered on a stand-alone basis, yet, the controlled group (viewed collectively) nonetheless could be denied start-up firm status.
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