stand out

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  • verb

Synonyms for stand out

be highly noticeable

be stubborn in resolution or resistance

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Stand outs including Our Cool Decay, Green and Gold and, with some fine French horn, The Ghost That Sleeps In Me.
His recent transfers have left a lot to be desired though, with Santi Cazorla one of the few stand outs over the last few years as the side continue to insist they will keep a wage cap for their squad.
But the stand-ins proved stand outs as the Black Cats were put to the sword.
In addition to coloring the wrists of Hollywood stars, music industry leaders and Jersey stand outs, IOION is committed to their mission "Color your life with Meaning.
There may be no radio-friendly stand outs like Jumpin Jack Flash or Brown Sugar, but the end result - all dirty guitars, drawling vocals and honky-tonk piano - is a pure distillation of the messy, joyous essence of rock n roll itself.
The AC/DC type riff of Runnin' Out and the grind of My Kinda Girl are stand outs.