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Synonyms for stand out

be highly noticeable

be stubborn in resolution or resistance

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Katy Alex - Conference Outdoor Acoustic Stage, tonight Sassy, almost fullyformed pop gems aligned to a vocalist clearly comfortable with being out front, Katy was one of the stand outs amid a strong LIMF Academy line up.
"A couple of the instant stand outs is Pippa Evans in March - she's performed up at Edinburgh lots, she's a regular on BBC Radio 4's The Now Show, she's a core cast member for Showstopper, the Improvised Musical which has recently played a west end season to rave reviews.
Some of the most well known numbers from the Beach Boys' most famous album Pet Sounds were dotted throughout with Sloop John B, Wouldn't It Be Nice and the sublime God Only Knows stand outs, especially the latter for the way it cleverly incorporated the late Carl Wilson's original vocal.
Stand outs among a huge crew of acts playing the iconic venue include Jun Tzu (above), Dan Magill and Cull.
Single Hunger Of The Pine and Bloodflood Part II are stand outs, while Warm Foothills, all gentle loveliness, is the most beautiful thing here.
This time out it's folk that's at the forefront, but it's the very country "Home On the Road" that stand outs on Keep a Fire.
"There were not too many stand outs and not many players punching the air with their performances.