stand firm

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Synonyms for stand firm

refuse to abandon one's opinion or belief

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Hector soon marked the havoc Diomed and Ulysses were making, and bore down upon them with a loud cry, followed by the Trojan ranks; brave Diomed was dismayed when he saw them, and said to Ulysses who was beside him, "Great Hector is bearing down upon us and we shall be undone; let us stand firm and wait his onset."
Well do I know that though cowards quit the field, a hero, whether he wound or be wounded, must stand firm and hold his own."
I urge every bookmaker to stand firm and refuse to sign.
The theme of this year's event is Stand Firm, and the show opens at 6pm tonight.
Justice and Defence Minister Alan Shatter said protecting the 12.5% rate is an issue the Government must stand firm on.
Or is it calling on the Christian church to stand firm?
However, it is up to the councillors to stand firm and hold Cardiff City to their agreement.
TONY BLAIR must stand firm over the issue of Britain's EU rebate.
In Canada, one editorial in the Canadian Jewish News (August 5, 2004) argued that Iran "has now become the chief threat to peace in the world;" another one (September 23) exhorted the West to "stand firm against Iran." Other articles hammering on the same theme have appeared in the Jewish-owned National Post.
I understand that only nine bishops in the Anglican Church of Canada had the guts to stand firm in the practices of the old-fashioned gospel of how to deal with sin through the grace of Christ and his forgiveness and love (Sexuality questions leave church at odds; June/July issue).
Downing Street said it was reserving comment until it had analysed last night's broadcast, in which the terror mastermind urged Iraqis to stand firm against any US-led attack.
"The BHB will stand firm, and there will be no discounts beyond those agreements signed by the end of the year," he said.
I urge all of the architects in the profession to rethink their presentation of services and be willing to deliver a complete service package to their client, stand firm by the documents that they have developed, and demand compensation adequate to produce them with the necessary attention to the details that would minimize cost overruns.
"If Labour is re-elected in May, we will stand firm against Liberal plans to abolish primary one for five-year-olds."
"As CAPA primates we stand firm to what we have decided that if there is no sign of repentance on the part of ECUSA, the consequences will determine the next line of our action," said a CAPA statement issued after the meeting.