stand firm

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refuse to abandon one's opinion or belief

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Davos [Switzerland], January 23 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a brief discussion on the issue of terrorism, with his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau, put forth that "both the countries may stand firm in combating terrorism in all its forms and its manifestations.
IRISH Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has received the full backing of his European counterparts as he warned he was prepared to stand firm on the Irish border issue.
Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said the voters' turnout and support has proven that they will stand firm with their leadership even if hurdles were placed before them in this regard.
Have a happy Fathers Day from Ziyad ANDERSON Tony Happy Fathers Day Stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong New Hope CC ANTWI Richard You are the best dad ever
BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP from Basra governorate, Qusay Jum'a called the government authorities to stand firm against the deportations and attempts to escalate the tension and stirring sectarian strife.
WHETHER or not people agree with [Welsh Secretary] David Jones' views on same sex marriage, I believe he should be congratulated on having the courage to stand firm to his conscience in the recent vote.
It is Stonewall's job to shine a light on discrimination and to stand firm in tackling it.
We will stand firm to recover our place in history, to preserve our sacred heritage and to maintain those sites that are significant to us as a people.
But health campaigners are urging the Chancellor to stand firm - a view backed by some employers who blame booze for staff calling in sick or slacking on the job.
Historic fastener firm goes out of business meaning more than 220 jobs will be lost Page 8 Tributes after senior city lawyer, who served in wartime navy, dies Page 10 Ministers must stand firm over the HS2 scheme in the face of protests - Lord Adonis Page 13 City Michelin starred chef Glynn Purnell makes plea over Wholesale Markets future Page 18 Duke of Kent opens city school's new campus after turnaround in fortunes Page 20 Talented young poet who couldn't write after devastating stroke on her battle back to health Page 24 LETTERS PAGES 28-29 FINANCE PAGE 37 IRON ANGLE PAGE 30 MANUFACTURING PAGE 38 RICHARD McCOMB PAGE 31 PERSONAL FINANCE PAGE 42 BUSINESS VIEW PAGE 32 LEGAL PAGE 44 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY PAGES 34-36 SPORT PAGES 49-56
BRITAIN'S workers have been urged to stand firm and fight for fair pay deals amid reports that bank bosses are in line for huge bonuses.
If the Lib-Dems stand firm on all aspects of personal freedom and identity and reform the voting system - if only as far as establishing the Alternative Vote - they will strengthen their position in the country to the benefit of us all.
Summary: Ministers have vowed to stand firm against "vested interests" pleading for special treatment in the upcoming round of spending cuts.
Delivering a speech at the ceremony, Davutoglu said, "if the ground of the world is changing, we cannot stand firm on this ground.
CDATA[ Activists urge Netanyahu, ministers to stand firm in the face of US pressure: "Obama's demands are 'chutzpa'.