stand fast

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refuse to abandon one's opinion or belief

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"Such heinous acts of terror will never have a bearing on the Egyptian people's determination to stand fast against the evils of terrorism which fly in the face of all religious and human values and principles," said the ministry.
Summary: Iraq, September 29 (ANI): Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has mocked the United States, called on the jihadis to rally against the Syrian regime and insisted that the ISIS 'remains' despite its rapid loss of territory, while also exhorting followers to stand fast and keep fighting, in his first purported, and undated, audio communication in almost a year.
Islamic Stateleader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi exhorted followers on Thursday to stand fast and keep fighting in his first purported audio communication in almost a year during which his jihadist group lost much of its self-proclaimed "caliphate".
Are there really bilingual Welshspeakers out there who prefer to ignore the English alert and stand fast, like idiots, in the paths of reversing trucks?
Pakistani nation will stand fast behind its army troops.
Aidan O'Brien's Ascot Gold Cup winner was one of 17 to stand fast at the confirmation stage but is helluva short at 1-4.
He reaffirmed Hezbollah's support for the Palestinian cause, stressing that occupation would not be able to stand fast as long as resistance is alive.
Stand fast. Eight words that seventeen-year-old Nick hopes will put his life on a different path.
Nurse preceptors/RN partners have a wealth of knowledge to give us "newbies" and I would urge any RN reading this, who has students in their facility at this very moment, or at your next shift, to take a deep breath and stand fast in the extraordinary role you're playing in the journey of the nurses of tomorrow.
"We lost Ramadi and the withdrawal of troops from Ramadi was not authorized and orders were to stand fast, and the investigation in front of me, and I am studying it, and will be ended after a month and I will announce it".
"In our responses to the threat be aware that these extremist groups want to spread fear by competing in brutality," Eliasson warned, adding that "extremist groups seek to divide, aim to polarize." The UN official stressed the need to stand fast for the values that were the cornerstones of the United Nations and of democratic societies, and urged to continue to be guided by fundamental belief in human rights, and the principles of due process and the rule of law.
Once our boundaries are clarified and we begin to say "no," the next thing to do is stand fast. Guilt will grow into a fearsome bully.
Violence came as the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood urged his supporters to stand fast after more than 70 of them were killed in weekend violence.
Smith began his hunger strike over a week ago as part of 'Reprieve's' 'The Stand Fast For Justice' campaign, which aims to promote the rule of law around the world, and secure each person's right to a fair trial.
A MIDLAND MP has vowed to fight to stop HS2 in its tracks if planners stand fast and refuse to change the proposed route.