stand back

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stand away from an object or person

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Yields are flat to higher at the short-end compared to the close, while still 1.8-3.0 basis points lower from the belly on out, well above earlier levels as stocks have made a stand back in the green.
Can anyone from the Stop the War brigade tell me how their policy of "stand back and do nothing" will help to bring some kind of peace to the Middle East and Syria, while thousands of innocent people of all religions are murdered every day.
When egos this size fall out there is nothing for Scotland to do except haud the jackets, stand back and watch.
"Steve therefore had the unexpected advantage of being able to stand back, observe and check his new team for a six-week period.
I fully support the underdog and I always will but sometimes you need to stand back and decide who deserves to have his tin filled.
COKE + NUTELLA + MENTOS + DUREX ITALIA WORLD RECORD Take a bottle of Coca-Cola, some Nutella, a packet of Mentos and a condom - then stand back!
Return to the start position by driving through the front heel to stand back up.
* Time to stand back & let economy heal, agrees with Stephen Roach
Stand back and look at what you are doing by destroying Bahrain.
Those attending are invited to get hands on and help with the cooking or simply stand back and enjoy the show - and of course there will be an opportunity to sample all the delicious recipes that Jonathan creates.
We need to stand back from this frenzied mob mentality, and maybe reflect on our own imperfections.
Magnolia streets, owners Peter and Jami Harrison have brought the coffee stand back with a new name, The Blend.
Minister for Africa Lord Malloch-Brown said the UK and Europe could not stand back if fighting between government and rebel forces erupted again.
I stationed myself downstairs but I didn't stand back quite far enough.
Implements for every task And no two look alikey The top's shaped like a handle And the bottom's kind a spikey According to description I've got to check the gauges If I understand it rightly It's bound to save me ages I'll just grab it by the grips Then tighten up the slide Stand back in admiration And more than a little pride Then I'll rub my chin and wonder What the blummin' heck it does The instructions clearly state If it's working, it'll buzz I was hoping to make life easy Now in fear of sounding crass I'msure I asked the salesman Have you 'owt to cut the grass?