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The Smarter Stand is a simple and modest accessory, but how well does it perform its two major functions?
POD Exhibitions stands are available to hire or to purchase and the turn-key solution we offer incorporates exhibition stand design, visualisation, assistance with graphics and artwork, stand pre-build, shipping, stand construction, de-construction and storage.
The term stand down comes from the time during war when exhausted combat units take time to rest and recover by finding a place of relative security and safety removed from the battlefield.
You could say he has hunting from a ladder stand down to a science.
Since the stand downs started in 2003 as a way to get homeless veterans reintegrated into society, the veterans who attend seem more at ease and more comfortable with the volunteers, whom they have come to know as friends, organizers said.
By the early 1990s, he felt that he could use a partner to help him with the workload and that's how Petr Stand came to join the firm.
And on June 7th, Alex again opened the lemonade stand outside her home and collected another $14,000.
The Antelope Valley Stand Downs, which started in 2003, provide counseling, legal advice, meals, clothing and other help.
Right or wrong, like it or not, Republicans stand for no new taxes, encouraging individual wealth, taking personal responsibility and downsizing government.
Mounted on rocky Leuhman Ridge across Rogers Dry Lake from Edwards' main installation, the concrete and steel test stand is the Defense Department's largest for testing liquid-fuel rocket engines.
The barbecue's purpose was to register veterans who intend to participate in the Homeless Veterans Stand Down Oct.
6 million refurbishing project for Edwards Air Force Base's largest and most historic rocket test stand.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - An 80-foot-tall test stand for examining vectored thrust characteristics of aircraft and help improve flight performance capabilities is being assembled at Edwards.
Parks' last stand as chief Tuesday did not produce a single profile in courage, not an iota of honesty.