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any vertical post or rod used as a support

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Jerry, scarcely aware of Lerumie's presence, was trotting past on his way aft to where Borckman, the mate, was superintending the stringing of the barbed wire to the stanchions. And Lerumie, with a side-long look to see if the deed meditated for his foot was screened from observation, aimed a kick at the son of his four- legged enemy.
The breakneck trap-door was still protected by a curved brass stanchion; this I grasped with one hand, and then Raffles with the other as I felt my feet firm upon the tower floor.
in to the handle, while I pulled at the stanchion and pushed with my feet.
I threw the bow hard up, dragged the speed lever to its last notch, and clutching a stanchion with one hand and the steering-wheel with the other hung on like grim death and consigned my soul to its author.
Below deck the terrified girl clung desperately to a stanchion as the stricken ship lunged sickeningly before the hurricane.
Hist, now, between you an' meself and the stanchion there, this Wolf Larsen is a regular devil, an' the Ghost'll be a hell-ship like she's always ben since he had hold iv her.
Captain MacWhirr, unprepared, took a run and brought himself up with a jerk by an awning stanchion.
Staff emerge from the doorway to quickly collect the stanchions and move them inside for safety.
With the barricade net attached to the AAG system via extension pendants and held up by stanchions, these tests replicated the approach of an aircraft for an arrestment aboard the carrier's flight deck.
With a bunch of other tourists, a serious-looking guide took us around the hushed rooms, antique furniture, and precious objects shielded from rowdy tourists by velvet covered ropes on stanchions. Isabel, then age four, was not museum-broken and knocked over one stanchion, which then pulled down, one after the other, the 20 others ranged round the gilded salon--a real domino effect, only louder.
Prefabricated stanchions to be used to erect the upper structures of the Ekumfi Pineapple Factory have started arriving on site.
390 stained-glass windows, 90 single stained-glass windows, 18 stained-glass doors with glass filling, 6 stanchion bar constructions, 480 stained-glass windows, 24 stanchions in steel.
Llanishen Leisure Centre swimming pool was forced to shut "after one of the lighting stanchions in the pool hall roof fell into the pool", councillors were told in an email.
In yesterday's committee meeting, Conwy Council's consultant Edward Nash called for demolition except for 76 stanchions.
The stanchions were designed and built by cadets in Assabet Valley Technical School's MJROTC program.