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a power tool that stamps


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Gietz sheet-fed and web-fed hot foil stamping machines have been sold into North America since the end of the 1970s.
The stamping machine is incorporated into one of his contraptions, which he has named Oppenheimer's Enigma, after the physicist who led the secretive New Mexico lab that created the atomic bomb.
To achieve perfect quality when decorating a part of the previously described geometry, the hot stamping machine, hot stamping die, and hot stamping foil must be precisely tailored to one another.
Among the companies that use its stamping machines are AT&T, Coors, General Electric, Gillette, and Texas Instruments.
However, the gang had made a copy of the stamping machine.
Jesus Crispin Remulla's statement in an interview that an overheated insulation stamping machine caused the fire, gutting a factory that housed wood and other combustible materials.
Duogram is a holographic foil personalised with a custom die on the MicroPOISETM Mk2 stamping machine. This allows the customer to have an unlimited personalisation of a hologram by altering the Duogram[TM] die design, making it a good solution for documents issued over multiple sites or for low volume production.
Kurz Transfer Products is showcasing the LS 102 LK, a new hot stamping machine with up to five heads for applying foil to extruded profiles.
Jesus Crispin Remulla as saying that the fire gutted the factory due to an overheated insulation stamping machine. The factory also stored wood and other combustible materials.
The ERP system automatically cancels replenishment for metal in its Dearborn-based Rouge Truck Plant if the stamping machine is about to fail.
The company has one lamination machine with web guide, slitting machines, foil stamping machine, a multi function printing machine that can do serial numbering, printing, die cutting security cutting and a foil transfer/laminator.
Greek company Cavomit, which is known for its holographic hot-stamping machines converted from rebuilt Heidelberg presses, has launched the Holo@stamper, a table-top holographic hot stamping machine intended for authenticating documents at point of issue.