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a dealer in stamps (whose customers are stamp collectors)

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In the sprawling Tehran bazaar, I met a stamp dealer who had one, canceled on the day it was issued, March 19, 1980.
The museum purchased the album from a British stamp dealer but declined to disclose the purchase price.
To obtain stamps issued more than a year ago, contact a stamp dealer in your area.
A stamp dealer Down Under, who wants to remain anonymous, was so touched after spotting the story on our website he offered to send items as a goodwill gesture.
Please note that this is the address of the stamp dealer, not the RSPB office, so please do not send any correspondence or donations to this address.
The world's oldest stamp dealer relaunched its eBay shop in September 2010 to reach the huge number of international collectors who can be found in the World Wide Web's most popular marketplace.
A STASH of memorabilia from one of the most controversial Olympics in history has been unearthed by a stamp dealer.
Leading stamp dealer Stanley Gibbons says prices have rocketed in recent years as the internet has opened up the market.
THE March meeting of the Hodgetts Lane WI saw stamp dealer Barry Faulkner give a talk entitled Post Haste which detailed the postal system from its beginnings.
The stamps were produced by stamp dealer Clive Fegenbaum, the owner of Easdale Island, just two miles from Shand Kydd's home on the Island of Seil, near Oban.
"He wasn't a stamp dealer he just loved collecting them and would spend hours browsing through his catalogues and arranging the stamps.
The company is also about to trial this project with a local stamp dealer so has access to a ready made pool of customers."
Stamp dealer ANDREW McGAVIN, 52, of Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos, set up
This value figure come from Stanley Gibbons, the world's leading stamp dealer based in London's Strand.