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Synonyms for stamp collecting



Synonyms for stamp collecting

the collection and study of postage stamps

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By and large stamp collecting is a fairly peaceful hobby to follow.
Youngsters living out of the London area who find it impossible to get to Stampex in Islington might well like to consider joining a special Royal Mail Collectors' club aimed at fostering interest in stamp collecting among young people.
In a new millennium in which television, the internet and dotcom technology are changing our world daily, good old stamp collecting is still holding its own as one of the most popular pastimes with a following of millions in every country of the world.
Still the biggest name in philatelic publishing, Stanley Gibbons has been aware for some time of a pronounced switch from general to specialised stamp collecting. Gibbons' catalogues still maintain their long-established position as invaluable sources of stamp information and include huge amounts of fresh knowledge annually.
I don't go in for philately (stamp collecting) on a regular basis, but I am a fan of illustration and I like the way each year's artist tackles the challenge.
PHLPost is also celebrating its 251st founding Anniversary and National Stamp Collecting Month (NSCM) this month.
Mike Pointon, via email A As you know, first day covers are designed envelopes with nice Royal Mail stamps and picture postmarks - so a little different from stamp collecting, where huge sums can be paid for rare items.
Paisley Philtatelic Society says stamp collecting is a major hobby among many people worldwide.
Historians have not closely examined stamp collecting, or any other aspect of the impact the postal service has had on American history, says Brennan; it is collectors and enthusiasts who learn and pass on details of stamp design and production, but they do not uncover the cultural contexts in which those stamps were produced.
With the birth of the first stamp came the hobby of stamp collecting, known today as philately.
Stamps were, and sometimes still are, things of beauty and history, links to distant places that spawned a global hobby known as philately, or, simply, stamp collecting. Putting a bright spotlight on the hobby was none other than US President Franklin D Roosevelt, the philatelist in chief, often shown in official White House photographs with a magnifying glass, viewing his collection.
I never joined one, but I did earn the stamp collecting merit badge in Boy Scouts (thankfully, the badge still exists), and I amassed a sizable collection from various sources.
Mi raccomando beat Lady ramon by a short neck, the pair pulling three lengths clear of Stamp Collecting, who had set the pace.
The role of OPA focuses on highlighting the cultural dimension in stamp collecting hoppy, organizing exhibitions and participation in the Gulf, Asian and international exhibitions for philatelists, promoting the hobby among youths and documenting the history of the Omani postage stamps.