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an album for stamps

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In Washington DC, Lennon's stamp album, which he received as a seven-year-old, was revealed to the public for the first time at the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum.
The situation changes with the arrival of Lightning Man, who is from outer space; and the malevolent Stamp Collector, who uses black magic to suck Threshold into his stamp album. Will Philadelphia be next?
The first warning sign was Gavin's stamp album lying open on his bed.
A decade earlier, the cartoonist had published The 1990 Doonesbury Stamp Album, a collection of more than 140 stamps featuring his characters.
STAMP ALBUM: A Collection of People, Things, Relationships and Words is Andrei Sergeev's omnium gatherum, translated by Joanne Turnbull.
And now we've got the definite collectors' book - the veritable Stanley Gibbons stamp album of its field.
The trivial becomes profound as objects take on huge emotional significance: a Persian lamb cap, a meerschaum pipe, a stamp album. Memories are also possessions, of course, and the mundane ones, endlessly recurring, are equally poignant.
Brian Jones (inset), of Bradford, is looKing for Stephen Rattigan - to reunite him with his stamp album from his childhood days.
I have a stamp album like that from when I was a kid.
CARE: Collections should be housed in a suitable stamp album and arranged neatly - stamps placed squarely in the spaces.
Bob and Anne Whitlock, owners of Appletree Cards in Blyth, were distraught when they discovered a priceless stamp album started by Mrs Whitlock's late father, Thomas Barnett, was missing along with toys.
Held in its original hardback Mercury Stamp Album, it features 565 stamps from countries including Australia, India, USA, Germany and Italy.
"I though the young man, who is probably in his 50s or 60s now, may LIKE to get his stamp album BACK.
The problem is where to find a stamp album. I would love to find one for Christmas but the whole family have been looking without luck.
MY father has a stamp album from when he was a young boy - he's now 70.