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Synonyms for stammering

a speech impediment marked by involuntary repetitions and pauses

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He drew his sword, then stammering, for anger as well as fear makes a man tremble: "Here
But the rather prominent eyes and the impulsive stammering manner, which seemed to indicate a torrent of ideas intermittently pressing for utterance and always checked in their course by a clutch of nervousness, drew no pity, as in the case of a more imposing personage, but a desire to laugh, which was, however, entirely lacking in malice.
Brooke, whose masculine consciousness was at this moment in rather a stammering condition under the eloquence of his niece.
He paused again, intent on stammering out some words of thanks.
He seemed such a boy, as he stood blushing and stammering his thanks, that a wave of pity, maternal in its prompting, welled up in her.
He was "queer," she said; and at another time she called him a crank when describing how he sat at the counter and peered at her through his spectacles, blushing and stammering when she took notice of him, and often leaving the shop in precipitate confusion.
Notes of melodious laughter bubbled, in my mind's ear, through all the drawling and stammering of our speech-making members.
I could hold out no longer In one breathless moment I caught hold of both her hands--in one stammering sentence I asked her if she would be my wife.
His voice broken, it seemed, into an infinite multitude of unfamiliar sounds, went babbling and stammering away into the distant reaches of the forest, died into silence, and all was as before.
The man watched him go, limping grotesquely and lurching forward with stammering gait up the slow slope toward the soft sky-line of the low-lying hill.
But as I tried to thank him, he checked my stammering.
I heard him mumbling and stammering something about 'brother seaman--couldn't conceal--knowledge of matters that would affect Mr.
To which that poor young lady, having her face overspread with blushes and confusion, answered, in a stammering voice, "I am sure, madam, I shall always think the honour of your ladyship's company " "I hope, at least," cries Lady Bellaston, "I interrupt no business.
Now Action for Stammering Children wants to ensure every child with a stammer can see a speech and language therapist.