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a speech impediment marked by involuntary repetitions and pauses

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It is widely accepted that five per cent or more of children under the age of five will go through a phase of stammering at some stage in their speech and language development and up to a quarter of these children will be at risk of developing persistent stammering.
Labour MP Anna said she was posting the video to "raise awareness" and help "end the stigma" surrounding stammering.
Adilet Zhakeyev said he has had a stammer since he was five-years-old and wanted to share his story to raise awareness of the problem and to mark 'International Stammering Awareness Day' on October 21.
Their moving videos have been posted on the Scottish Stammering Network's Facebook page as part of the charity's #HEARTHEPERSON campaign.
Ed added: "My message on International Stammering Awareness Day, if you think this might be you, get help and talk about it as it makes a huge difference."
class="MsoNormalI competed in the annual pageant in 2015 but lost because the judges misinterpreted my stammering for lack of confidence.
The fact that such a book had to be published in the first place shows that bullying is prevalent for kids who stammering, but also the first printing book sold out in record time which underscores that there was a great need for the book.
Stammering, the struggle to get words out, affects an estimated 1% of adults and 5% of children, but is still a little discussed and understood condition.
"It can have a profound effect - it's not just about sounding fluent, it's about all the feelings which go with stammering."
GABRIELLE FAGAN speaks to gareth gates about life after pop idol, stammering and the devastation of nearly losing his voice BRADFORD-BORN singer, Gareth Gates found fame as a spiky-haired 16-year-old who, despite a stammer, bravely competed in TV talent show Pop Idol.
Now Gambian-born Mustapha Cham, 26, is to appear in a TV documentary about his role as a coach with the McGuire Programme, a worldwide programme which helps people who struggle with stammering.
My problem is, I start stammering during interviews.
"There were certain issues that happened last time because of that stammering thing.
"Stammering is a very important part of the character.