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capable of fertilizing female organs


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The hermaphrodite flower is intermediate in size compared to the staminate and pistillate flowers.
There are pecan trees that first mature the staminate inflorescences and others the pistil inflorescences.
Comparisons among years were based on the production of male and female reproductive structures in 20 individuals (10 pistillate and 10 staminate), based on the mean number of inflorescences per individual, and the mean number of rachilles, spikelets, and flowers per inflorescence.
(2004) reported that ethrel 100 ppm and [GA.sub.3] 50 ppm, respectively induced the first staminate flower at the lowest node in bitter gourd; and Arora et al.
The staminate flowers are more numerous than pistillate flowers, and produce both nectar and pollen, whereas pistillate flowers produce nectar only (Tepedino, 1981).
Flowers are protogynous with a long pistillate phase and a short pollen-dispersing staminate phase.
In the absence of genetic information on sex determination in dioecious plant, the use of molecular markers for discriminating between staminate and pistillate genotypes is worthwhile.
Staminate flowers taken from herbarium specimens showed structurally complete stamens releasing large numbers of pollen grains.
Flowers last about 4 days, with 2 days spent in a staminate phase, followed by 2 days in a pistilate phase (Haddock and Chaplin, 1982).
Most species are cryptic, and specimens have been found mainly among vegetable debris, the bases of banana and Pandanus leaves, in the staminate strobilus of Cycas, in hollow trees, and in caves (Usinger 1946; Miller 1954; Wygodzinsky & Usinger 1960; Wygodzinsky & Maldonado Capriles 1972; Schuh & Slater 1995).
We found that fruit set occurs after removal of either the distal spadix or the staminate flowers but not after removal of both.
Apache plume technically is polygamo-dioecious, producing three flower types: pistillate (fruit producing) and male-sterile with reduced stamens; staminate (male fertile), with large anthers on longer filaments, and pistils that fail to develop; and staminate-hermaphroditic with some fruit-producing flowers, typically at stem terminals (Henrickson, 2001).
Christy (1942), specifically referencing southwestern Pennsylvania, referred to hanging threads of cankerworm silk, withered staminate flowers, and scales of opening buds as constituents of nest tails.
Factors that influence the duration of the staminate and pistillate phases of Lobelia cardinalis flowers.
Staminate inflorescence with prophyll 14 cm long, 12 cm wide; bracts 7, carinate and more or less rostrate, light-brown, 24-136 cm long, 14-16.5 cm wide; peduncle 71.5 cm long; rachis 52.5 cm long; 43 first order branches, basal and middle first order branches with 18-25 second order branches (14.5-21 cm long), distal first order branches with 1-2 second order branches (6.5-10 cm long).