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the male reproductive organ of a flower

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An accurate, rapid and systematic high performance liquid chromatography coupled with diode array detection and mass spectrometry (HPLC-DAD-MS) of multiple flavonoids determination in combination with chromatographic fingerprint analysis was developed for chemical quality evaluation of Nelumbinis stamen. The extraction protocol was optimized by an orthogonal experimental design.
14 batches of Nelumbinis stamen samples were collected from different localities of Jianning County in Fujian province of China.
For the Mars maps, Stamen used ( NASA's Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter , or MOLA, data, launched in 1996 and mapped the planet over the course of 4 1/2 years.
Unlike in most other confamilial genera for which similar studies have been performed, these carpels do not emerge while the stamen primordia are still small, prior to differentiation of the stamens into anther and filament; rather, the carpels appear delayed in their emergence, not appearing until after stamen differentiation has begun (Table 1).
Floral morphology, phases, rewards, attractants, visitors, pollen, reproductive system, P/O ratio, OCI and ISI indexes of enantiostylous Senna corymbosa were analyzed for morphological androecial differentiation and possible related functional differences between stamens groups.
Negotiation was selected as a component of counselor stamina based on the interpretation of stamen, the root word of stamina.
For Watson and Dallwitz (1992-), a staminode is a sterile stamen, or a modified structure identifiable as such, borne in the androecial region of the flower.
foliosissimum is sought after for its lilac flowers and orange stamens, but is hard to obtain, while P.
The stamens' potential energy gets converted into moving, or kinetic, energy, which causes them to spring up and fling pollen into the air.
All have prominent stamens and many have beautifully speckled petals.
I like to grow it against a white wooden frame and plant a row of lavender at its feet to colour co-ordinate with the lavender-blue flowers packed with golden stamens.
Their chunky bodies land heavily enough to release pollen-bearing stamens from a groove in the flower.