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a tactic used to mislead or delay


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When the manufacturer conducts airplane certification testing, the stall warning is required to 'begin at a speed exceeding the stalling speed by a margin of not less than 5 knots and must continue until the stall occurs.'
Any time an abrupt maneuver results in a stall, it probably will be with power on, and stalling with power on typically means everything about the stall happens more quickly.
Since the angle of attack for maximum lift development is not terribly far (in degrees) from the stalling or critical angle of attack, one wing may stall while the other is generating near its greatest amount of lift.
Afterward, we're treated to a discussion about accelerated stalls and how the airplane will enthusiastically stop flying at an airspeed sometimes well above its straight-ahead stalling speed.
Most modern aircraft designs are concerned more with equipping the aircraft with safeguards such as stick pushers or AOA limiters which prevent the aircraft from stalling thereby preventing deep stalls from occurring.
We recite "the stalling speed" from the pilot's operating handbook as if it is a single, fixed value, or perhaps two values--one for flaps up, one for flaps fully down.