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Synonyms for stalling

a tactic used to mislead or delay


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When the manufacturer conducts airplane certification testing, the stall warning is required to 'begin at a speed exceeding the stalling speed by a margin of not less than 5 knots and must continue until the stall occurs.
Ray: If you can drive away without stalling, then no warm-up is required.
These TFI modules which are intended to regulate the flow of electric current to the spark plugs, have demonstrated that they are unreasonably dangerous due to an increased risk of stalling the engine in approximately 23 million Ford vehicles, 29 makes and 300 different Ford models sold between 1983 and 1995.
One of the characteristics of some advanced stalls is that the likelihood of only one wing stalling is greater than both of them stalling at the same time.
Since the angle of attack for maximum lift development is not terribly far (in degrees) from the stalling or critical angle of attack, one wing may stall while the other is generating near its greatest amount of lift.
Using it and the added "example arrows," we see that a 60-degree bank results in a roughly 40-percent increase in stalling speed.