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attached directly by the base

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As discussed in the next two paragraphs, Clarke and Merlin failed to distinguish the large stalked glandular hairs ("capitate glands") which predominate in the inflorescence from the much smaller but quite numerous small more or less stalkless glands which predominate on the foliage.
The car was approaching town and the faint glow of the stalkless streetlights appeared to float in a fading parade over the shroud of fog.
Each flower seems to develop as a composite head of small, stalkless florets so heavily crammed in, to form the centre of the flowerhead.
The fine structure of the cirri and a possible mechanism for their motility in stalkless crinoids (Echinodermata).
Distinguishing characteristics of Eggert's sunflower include opposite, stalkless, lance-shaped leaves that are rough and waxy on the upper leaf surfaces and white on the undersides.