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Synonyms for stalker

someone who walks with long stiff strides

someone who stalks game

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someone who prowls or sneaks about

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More information on the Night Stalker Foundation can be found on the newly launched website at
But in one of the most notorious episodes of the conflict, Mr Stalker was removed from the inquiry in 1986 following the emergence of false allegations about him.
Mr Stalker, who is survived by his two daughters, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, had been in poor health following the death of his wife 14 months ago.
Mr Stalker was removed from the inquiry, however, shortly before it was due to report in 1986 - prompting an infamous controversy known as the 'Stalker Affair' that continued for years and sparked public outcry He was taken off the case at the moment he believed he was about to obtain an MI5 tape of one of the shootings and went on to be accused of associating with Manchester criminals, allegations of which he was later completely exonerated.
However, the traditions of the U.K.--deer stalking on those picturesque estates, with all the pomp and circumstance --play a huge part in Rigby's history, and the Highland Stalker is designed to pay homage to those traditions.
It would also let police get orders banning stalkers from contacting victims and their families, with up to five years in jail for those who breach them.
Stalker looked at ease in the opening exchanges when boxing on the outside but Dodd's plan was always to cut the distance and drag the former Olympian into a close-quarters scrap.
"Stalker," as the title implies, is about stalkers in Los Angeles.
The stalker on Monday at 9.30 am knocked on Shruti's door.
The stalker fled after cops were called but was tracked and arrested from Stamford Hill in North London, on Wednesday, by the officers.
(5) Irrational feelings of guilt or embarrassment, such as being thought to have poorly managed interactions with the stalker, often motivate a self-imposed silence (Table 1).
Zona is a meditation on Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 film Stalker, and similar to the Zone in Stalker, is a sanctuary untouched by genre and traditional narrative.
TEAM GB boxing captain Tom Stalker has a great chance of a medal in the light-welterweight division, writes Dan Williams.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 16, 2012-Zeta releases new 'Stalker' secret photography iPhone app(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS