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Synonyms for staleness

unoriginality as a result of being dull and hackneyed


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having lost purity and freshness as a consequence of aging

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We would be playing against more teams and that would rule out staleness ever being a factor.
THE 10-team Premier Division should be scrapped as soon as possible to prevent staleness in the domestic game.
Saturday showed the staleness that comes from over-playing.
But the attacking midfielder does confess to creeping staleness.
A staleness has crept in and perhaps it's time we took a fresh approach with a new manager."
"Especially when most of your career has been in Scotland as Alex's has, playing each other four times, year in, year out, a wee bit of staleness can creep in.
After eight years, I feel the need to avoid staleness.
Coltart, 37, said: "There had been a staleness creeping in to my game and this has given me anew impetus.
But the Pars' relegation from the SPL, coupled with the fact a bit of staleness had perhaps crept in, meant it was time for a change.
"Pat has managed the players individually this season and guarded against 'play-off staleness' by giving guys time to rest and recover," he said.
It would also help to reduce the staleness of facing the same side four times a season and allow Vogts the time to have international get-togethers at specific times during the campaign.
"With no games there can be a staleness in your play, so you have got to look at methods in your preparation to make sure that competitiveness is there.
Even Carry On connoisseurs must admit there's an air of staleness about the proceedings here, as if all those involved had done this so many times before that the fun and games that had made them stars was getting a bit tiresome.
"To be honest there seemed to be a staleness at Montrose.