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a cylinder of calcium carbonate projecting upward from the floor of a limestone cave

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Thrombolite surfaces lining fenestrac in the upper part of the mound are locally encrusted by microcrystalline stalagmitic and stalactitic deposits (Fig.
Only in Green Shade (1958), with its light and dark green hues and stalagmitic pours jutting in counterpoint to the downward tapering at the edges, does the veil truly begin to reveal the colors beneath.
In miarolitic cavities, fluorite occurs as colorless, transparent, pale yellow, pale green and purple cubes and cuboctahedra to 1 mm in diameter; as white, silky, bent and twisted fibrous tufts and masses indistinguishable froth other white fibrous minerals; as thin, colorless, white and pale purple coatings, crusts and hollow spherical shells; and as white stalagmitic and curved "ram's horn" aggregates.