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a cylinder of calcium carbonate hanging from the roof of a limestone cave

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From Bill Thomas: "I'd like to suggest an easier way to remember the difference between stalacTite' and stalagmite': yes, I capitalized the T' on purpose.
The cave is famous for its charming beauty as the stalactites and stalagmites have created unique natural shapes.
Bamboo Stalactite is a free community space in Venice, Italy.
They also discovered stalactites or mineral growth that formed when the sea level was 500 feet lower, and the sinkhole was a dry cave.
It continues to grow as a solid stalactite. Water drops continue to form on the tip and fall.
Ristovic's verse is stark, glistening, and surprising, sometimes fantastic: poetry becomes "an elegant stalactite," "little zebras," or "a bidet" in this book, which is the Serbian poet's first to be collected with English translation.
Taken from the organ balcony, pictured is the concert hall with stalactite ceiling detail in the Sea Around Us pub in Loughborough.
A stalagmite is a rock that grows vertically on a cave floor, the counterpart to the stalactite that hangs down from the top of the cave.
(The title refers to a particularly magisterial stalactite at the caverns, which measures nearly five feet long and is thought to be more than 200,000 years old.) Cunningly, Perlin placed the projector on a low platform, close to the wall, so that the viewer had to crouch to see the film straight on.
Hikers discovered the latest horde in a narrow crevice of a stalactite cave in the Galilee region.
ESCORTED HOLIDAY BIRMINGHAM Birmingham 8 days from PS869 Walking - in Crete - No Single Supplement Flying Direct from Birmingham Departs May 26 & Sep 29 2015 The scenic Kounavi gorge, the open-air museum at Lychnostatis, wine tasting near Archanes, the amazing stalactite galleries in the Sfendoni Cave - these are just a few of the highlights for you to enjoy.
Stalactite extremities correspond to local minima in the 3D mesh.
The two giant underground vaults attract around 400,000 visitors each year and are laden with an awe-inspiring display of stalactite and stalagmite formations.