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surveillance of some place or some person by the police (as in anticipation of a crime)

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Residents of Jogoo Road estate in Nairobi's Eastlands are talking about one of the best police stakeouts, culminating in the gunning down of three gangsters on Friday.Undercover officers arrived in the estate at 8am but remained unnoticeable until 6pm when a fierce shoot-out ensued.
Within two hours of Cirillo's first stakeout after being assigned to the SOU, three armed men held up a crowded dairy store.
Wide shot, Security Council president walking to the stakeout
Topics covered include how to conduct a stakeout; how to track people down; how to tell if someone is lying; how to go "off the grid"; how to know if you're being stalked; the basics of garbage retrieval; and much more.
It's actually Saturday night in this cop drama, and a busy one at that - with a drugs death, a stakeout and a dog high on cocaine.
It's actually Saturday night in this cop drama, and a busy one at that, with a drugs death, a stakeout and a dog high on cocaine.
A STAKEOUT of waste disposal sites detected five scrap metal offences - and 142 other crimes such as benefit fraud and driving without a seatbelt.
During the stakeout, officers saw a man entering the apartment and upon his exit, they entered.
THE BOURNE SUPREMACY (ITV2, Monday, 9pm) TWO years after losing his memory in The Bourne Identity, Matt Damon's resourceful CIA operative is back and finds himself embroiled in a deadly new game of cat and mouse when he is framed for the murder of two US agents during a botched stakeout overseen by Agent Pamela Landy (Joan Allen).
An anti-narcotics stakeout team was dispatched to Al Muhaisnah where A.H.
"We stressed the need for fast-tracking progress on trans- regional energy projects, including TAPI, to advance the goal of greater regional integration," Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said while addressing a joint press stakeout along with the President of Turk-menis-tan, Gurbanguly Berdimuha-medov, here on Wednesday, reports DAWN.
At one point she was on a stakeout, sitting in a car which had the words "Unmarked police car" plastered across it.
Son and The Stakeout - use the tagline 'Some movies are made for two' and are either too boring, too complicated, too depressing or too horrifying to be watched alone.
According to Palestinian media reports, two Palestinians were shot by the undercover unit during a stakeout of the Hamas leader's house.