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a vertical well around which there is a stairway

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Unless otherwise noted, both stairwells will be reopened and accessible to the public Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19.
"This resulted in pressure washing the stairwells on a number of occasions last year.
"They then leave their dirty needles and other items lying around and urinate all over the stairwells where I walk with my daughter.
A man lies comatose on a Coatbridge stairwell with drug paraphernalia scattered around him.
In the report "Tenability and Open Doors in Pressurized Stairwells," Klote (2004) indicated that the discussion about the need for pressure compensating systems in sprinklered buildings has intensified in recent years.
The paths of smoke flow to the upper floors of the tower were the elevator shafts, the seismic joints, and the stairwells (Figure 2a).
Senior Editor Anne DiNardo wrote about this topic last fall, in a blog titled "Stepping Up Design Efforts for Patients, Staff Alike." She shared how Kaiser Permanente's new Westside Medical Center in Hillsboro, Ore., took particular effort to encourage stair use: windows in stairwells with views to nature; floor-to-ceiling graphics of outdoor activities at the landings; and nicely painted walls and finished floors.
A notable example is the MGM Grand Hotel fire in 1980 (Best, Demers 1982), 85 people died in this fire, with 68 victims located on the upper floors far away from the ground floor where the fire occurred, one significant reason of this phenomenon is that the hot smoke movement from the lower to the upper floors was induced by the stack effect of stairwell in the building (Klote, Fothergill 1983; Council ...
SECURITY measures have been improved at a hospital in the US where a County Durham woman was found dead in a stairwell.
Litter The two other staircases connecting the car park and the shopping centre, which are much less used and have no lifts, will be pressurewasher cleaned in due course, while a daily litter pick and mopping of all the stairwells would continue, she said.
While marketing the 'Take the Stairs' program is crucial, another important motivator is making stairwells a more inviting place.
The installations are timely because the city needed to replace the old wayfinding signs in the stairwells anyway.
Denbighshire Council say in order to carry out the works safely, builders will need to close off the central stairwell, which may require car park users to walk from floor to floor using the vehicular ramps to find an exit through the two alternative stairwells.
KINA GRANNIS STAIRWELLS WITH more than 77 million hits on YouTube, and more than 450,000 subscribers, Japanese American singer-songwriter Kina Grannis already has a significant fan base, and listening to her music it's easy to hear why.
Both rules were followed to the letter at the new, five-story Alegent Health, Bergan Mercy Hospital parking garage through the use of two different lighting systems: one system ensures safe passage on the stairwells and the other offers a visually stimulating light show for visitors to the hospital.