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a vertical well around which there is a stairway

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Mr McGee got up, pulled himself together, and ran back through the double doors to the stairwell, but the defendant having pursued him and assaulted him followed him to the fourth floor.
She was then pulled by the arm by one of the attackers into a stairwell which was not supervised.
A manager told me they were aware of the state of the stairwell and they were 'sorting it out.
There is nothing clear about what happened in the stairwell but Mehreen is currently in intensive care at Royal Perth Hospital and her parents have arrived from Dubai to be on her side.
Typically, dedicated mechanical fans that supply fresh outdoor air can be used to raise the stairwell pressure to such an extent that it exceeds the fire floor pressure and prevents smoke infiltration.
Officers want to speak to a dark-haired woman carrying books who was seen entering the landing just before the attack and a man with dark hair and wearing a dark suit who was on the stairwell shortly afterwards.
We are keen to hear from two women who were in the same stairwell around the second floor prior to the incident.
She says training on a typical day involves a couple of sessions of running up the stairwell and moving down by an elevator to avoid stressing the knee joints.
A number of authors have studied stack effect of stairwell or shaft in building spaces in the last decades (Zukoski 1995; Cooper 1998; Zhang et al.
But Sheriff Department deputies failed to look in all the stairwells.
She was found in the locked stairwell by a member of the hospital's engineering staff during a routine check 17 days after she vanished.
However, it typically takes more than just a well-lit stairwell to change people's habits to using the stairs instead of the elevator.
In the building's south stairwell you can read your way from one level to another, finding a different short story on a panel at each landing, 10 mini-tales all written by local authors.
During a fire, he said, when someone opens the fire escape door, the smoke will come into the stairwell, but if the stairwell is pressurised, the smoke will not hang in the stairwell, and will be sucked up, cleaning the air.
WORKS to repair a skylight over the central stairwell in a town's multi-storey car park will be start on Monday - meanwhile shoppers are being urged to take care.