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In addition, the result indicates significant queuing on the platform of the south zone, i.e., at stairway P1 and the emergency exit stairways, where the wait time is about 3.5 minutes on the platform and is nominal on the mezzanine.
Apartment 2, the main one, revolves around the spiralling stairway which is the direct conduit -- like a private lift -- between a basement study, entrance and second floor living quarters.
Example 4: Assume the same facts as in Example 3, except that in 2007, Bob re-incorporates the basement into his principal residence by eliminating the kitchen and building a new stairway to the upper floors.
LINK: Hope Street GRAND: The stairway was planned by cathedral designer Sir Frederick Gibberd
"We haven't sold as much of the stairway lift for residential use and dumbwaiters for restaurant use," Karen said.
A platform lift can also be installed on a stairway. These platforms, called stairway inclined lifts," are useful if the distance between floors or between stairway landings is too steep for a ramp.
Where appellants challenged a zoning board decision granting relief to property owners seeking to reduce the lot coverage of their nonconforming lot and to build stairs beyond a preexisting setback, the board's decision is vacated because inadequate public notice was given of the stairway plan.
Plant and guitarist Page face a civil trial over claims that the opening guitar riff of their classic 1971 song Stairway To Heaven was "lifted" from an instrumental track called Taurus by the US group Spirit.
LED Zeppelin's Robert Plant has told a court a car crash left him with no memory of watching an American band he and Jimmy Page are accused of copying when they wrote Stairway To Heaven.
Led Zeppelin may owe an American musician millions of dollars in royalties, a plaintiff's attorney said on Wednesday in closing arguments of a trial over whether the British band stole the opening riff for its 1971 hit "Stairway to Heaven."
ROCK legends Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are set to face trial over whether they stole the opening chords to their 1971 classic Stairway to Heaven.
Stairway Foundation has been taking in 15 children every year for over 20 years from government-run centers in the capital, hoping to reshape their life's path through an arts-based program called Family Home.
In 2010, Stairway Capital Management II LP lent Eidos Partners LLC, $20 million to fund a patent enforcement program.