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a vertical well around which there is a stairway

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The experimental tower contains all the shafts and other features necessary to simulate air and smoke movement patterns in the center core of a typical multistory building, including the stair shaft. The stair shaft is equipped with a standard staircase and there is an exterior door that directly opens to the outside on the ground floor.
The experimental facility has an air-handling system that was connected only to the stair shaft for the experiments discussed in this report.
The stairwell NPP is on the 13th floor and smoke generated by the elevated pressure on the fire floor enters through the cracks around the first floor doors and through construction gaps in the four stair shafts. Air enters the stairwells on all floors below its NPP and dilutes the smoke that has entered on the fire floor.
Stair shafts are more immune to changes in atmospheric conditions due to the fact that they are more isolated from the environment than, for example, the elevator shafts that are exposed to atmospheric pressure via the elevator vent.
The computer-predicted capacities of equipment necessary to keep smoke out of the fire escape stair shafts and away from the occupied floor spaces can be substantiated by several stairwell pressurization tests conducted on small burn towers and simulated fire tests carried out in large high-rise buildings.
The flow reaches a maximum value at the NPP and decreases thereafter as the pressure difference between the stairs and the floors reverses and the mass flow rate inside the stair shaft decreases.
Tamura and Chia Yu Shaw, "Air Leakage Data for the Design of Elevator and Stair Shaft Pressurization Systems", ASHRAE Transactions, Vol.
* During the events occurring on September 11, 2001, stair pressurization would have been ineffective in improving conditions for occupants trying to exit the building due to the extensive damage to the stair shafts.
There are plenty of ladders and stair shafts elsewhere to take one up to balconies and widow's walks with incredible views.
The west-facing windows are high, and internal stair shafts act as sun shields to keep the direct glare off of the work areas.
If the exterior temperature is lower than the interior temperature, the interior air will rise through stair shafts, elevator shafts, and similar floor-to-floor connections and flow to the exterior on the upper floors.
If the interior temperature is higher than the exterior temperature, hot air will rise through interior stair shafts, elevator shafts, and similar floor-to-floor connections and escape through construction cracks on the upper floors.