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(histology) the use of a dye to color specimens for microscopic study

the act of spotting or staining something

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Heterogeneous, faint granular nuclear staining was considered as weak staining while homogeneous, granular dark brown nuclear staining was considered as strong staining.
Silver staining of DNA (and other biological samples) has several advantages7,8.
The good news is that extrinsic teeth staining can be corrected because it is outside of the teeth.
After washing the slide with tap water, counter staining is performed with Gabbots methylene blue for 5-10 minutes.
They'll need to continue to re-coat with another solid option the next time the deck requires a staining.
The smears were prepared on grease free glass slides, air dried and heat fixed for the staining procedure.
The slides were then left to air-dry to get fixed for Wright-Giemsa, Toluidine blue and Methylene blue staining whereas the slides were fixed with 96 % ethanol for 30 min for Panipacolaou (Pap) stain.
Even though both Giemsa staining and Acridine orange staining techniques showed positive results, the average time taken for examination of blood smear by Acridine orange was comparatively lesser.
Presence of debris and intensity of staining of each pattern (green, yellow-orange and red) was scored as 1-5.
Leishman stain: Air dried FNAC smears were kept on the staining tray, and Leishman stain was poured in a manner similar for blood smear staining.
From a total of 54 positive cases routine ZN stain was positive in 45 (46%), Kinyoun stain was positive in 54 (56%) and fluorescent staining was positive in 54 (56%) cases.
We evaluated for correlations between all contact angles, all surface energy calculated values, and all [L.sup.*] absolute values for each staining agent to determine what, if any, correlation existed.
Natural dyes extracted from plants, animals and minerals were used as essential staining material in the paint, texture and other industries [9].