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a window made of stained glass

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The artist, who recently broke his own auction record with a PS21.1m painting, said that designing his first stained-glass window "was a challenge".
Understanding the stained-glass design process helps students comprehend the role of "lead came," which holds the pieces of glass together in an actual stained-glass window. While dividing the space into sections is not essential for our clay artworks, using divisions gives stained-glass clay designs a strong linear quality and more closely replicates the look of a stained-glass window.
We thought, wouldn't the sanctuary and its pews be the perfect place to display quilts, under the gaze of our wonderful stained-glass window,'' said the Reverend Karen Nell Smith.
A STAINED-GLASS window depicting William Wallace was reinstalled yesterday after painstaking work to restore it to its former glory.
A cartoon is a full-sized drawing worked out in complete detail with colours, ready for transfer to the panel for making the stained-glass window. The cartoons which Ervin prepared show figures with expressive faces making stylized gestures, and benevolent creatures--especially gentle cattle.
BEFORE AND AFTER: The abandoned, decaying chapel at Honley cemetery before the revamped steel windows were fitted and, below, inset, the dilapidated windows of the building before the revamp ( PROUD OF THEIR WORK: Honley High School students point out their stained-glass window designs on the disused chapel in the cemetery at Honley, from left, Freya Smith, Ellie Townend, Emma Harrison, Megan Gibson, Faye Kelland, Chrissie Levick, Beth Massey, and Olivia Northrop Pictures by Julian Hughes (JH141210Hhonley-01/06) IN CLOSE-UP: The clean modern lines of the girls' stained-glass design work has won praise from high school teachers, Honley Village Trust members and members of the community alike (JH141210Hhonley-04)
The 90p stamp, Wise Man, is taken from a stained-glass window design by the Birmingham-born artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones, from the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Rye, East Sussex.
A glorious stained-glass window into the depths of his psyche, Visions of Heaven and Hell also serves as a visual memoir, Barker says.
There are two types of stained-glass window - a leaded light and the more authentic type common in churches.
Once the stained-glass window was mounted, it was decorated with gray paint, made from burned iron or copper filings, with which the artist painted the faces, folds of the clothes, etc.
Colin said: "Beautiful colours and attention to detail in this stained-glass window image.
A CASH-STRAPPED council are spending pounds 30,000 on a painting and a stained-glass window of two Lord Provosts.
In Three Trees (Blue, Violet, Pink, Green), Easter-egg pastels mark out a zigzag road or river while the trees and sky are built from large areas of blue and gray that suggest a stained-glass window.
A stained-glass window has been dedicated to young men who have served with a famous North East regiment.
The rich watercolors shine through the angel like light through a stained-glass window and draw our gaze to the two things the angel offers us: its heart and a serving tray that is overflowing.