stained glass

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glass that has been colored in some way

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Old Time heaved a mouldy sigh from tomb and arch and vault; and gloomy shadows began to deepen in corners; and damps began to rise from green patches of stone; and jewels, cast upon the pavement of the nave from stained glass by the declining sun, began to perish.
I was terribly afraid, from what I had heard of Blackwater Park, of fatiguing antique chairs, and dismal stained glass, and musty, frouzy hangings, and all the barbarous lumber which people born without a sense of comfort accumulate about them, in defiance of the consideration due to the convenience of their friends.
In the woods in a winter afternoon one will see as readily the origin of the stained glass window, with which the Gothic cathedrals are adorned, in the colors of the western sky seen through the bare and crossing branches of the forest.
On entering the property you will be greeted by a small vestibule with original tiled floor and door with original stained glass window.
Religion and art join together in the demand for stained glass that shall be good from the standpoint of art and religion; the day of forgeries, shams, sentimental substitutes, and patented tours de force has passed away and the field is clear for a great restoration which shall be strong with heritage of the past, vital with the impulses of the present day.
The World War II conscientious objector built a stained glass window that would become an icon of the civil rights movement.
The other is that his devotion to re-creating the look and feel of stained glass in a wide range of non-glass art forms makes for a distinctly original approach that embraces forms from murals to pop art--and Gift: The Art of David Flores gathers these efforts and celebrates them.
The result was that by the end of the day students had created their own stained glass windows which were placed around school for the eventual big 'switch on'
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Those interested in art, stained glass, history, or West Point, will want The Stained Glass Windows at West Point DVD.
restoration of the south facade of the aisle and facades of two chapels South St Medard church located 141 rue Mouffetard- 75005 Paris Operation is divided into four legal lots: Lot 1 Road - masonry - stone, Lot 2 Cover - carpentry, Sculpture Lot 3, Lot 4 Stained glass - locksmith.
After all, the self-styled bad artist, has turned out some remarkable work in an art form more commonly seen in church windows and in Renaissance Europe: stained glass.
Visitors to the popular celebration of art and light may do a double take when they see three Reliant Robins with illuminated stained glass windows.
He ambles over to his backyard workshop, where an orange cat curls at his feet and the birds chirp high above, while he meticulously cuts stained glass, and glues them on a wooden canvas, turning them into art that he displays in frames he crafts by hand with upwards of 40 pieces of wood.
Her stained glass image of a heron was for clients who frequently see the birds near their home in the North Tyne.