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Synonyms for staidness

high seriousness of manner or bearing

Synonyms for staidness

a trait of dignified seriousness

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Quental defends the extravagance and excesses of the ultra-romantics against the staidness of those who were writing sentimental or classicized verse.
How ironic it is that while United's success has so often made them reviled outside their admittedly huge bedrock of support,Wenger's greatest triumph has been in rejuvenating the reputation of a club which for so long was steeped in staidness.
At the heart of Sebald's prose style is a fastidious care in describing--some call it a "staidness"--that on the surface belies the sophistication of his compositional designs.
when we admire / the holdfast of the tiles (their copper of a robin's / breast abstracted into flat)." And the pleasing final line, "the snow that is / the mortar between winter's bricks = = the wick that is / the white between the ink." Fulton's terra incognita is all about possibility, and moving beyond the staidness of habit, even in poetry.
Sponsored by RAI, the state broadcaster, in the past few years Prix Italia suffered from all the ailments that a festival could get: fatigue, repetitiveness, lack of innovation, staidness, underfunding, lack of top-level executive participation and neglect from the press.
Compare the dash of an Intel with the staidness of a Kellogg's, a Compaq with a Ford; can there be any wonder why journalists who once fled business editors are now running after them?
Even as we acknowledge that politics can take place in any arena, we often find it difficult to detach political activism from a stigma of dullness, staidness and seriousness.
There's Kournikova, who looks as if she could star in Baywatch; the two Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, their beaded dreadlocks smashing the staidness of Wimbledon's dress code; and the current women's champion Martina Hingis, only 17 and the holder of three Grand Slam titles.
That such informality and behavioral "looseness" are considered so mainstream to modern organizations is especially intriguing in light of the fact that this deviates so much from the formality, protocol, and staidness traditionally associated with business contexts.
This period, during which Bremen's staidness and separateness came under attack from new organizations, witnessed a novel world pressing in upon Bremen's exclusivity.