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in a grave and sober manner

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Oddly enough, many nudity aficionados seem to favour the mountain trails of staidly conservative Canton Appenzell, where people really do yodel, play the alphorn, and still vote by the show of hands (though always clothed).
But rather than being staidly silent, or reserved in their withholding, these works convey the sense of having tape over their mouths, of having streams of babble kept contained, but only barely so.
Morrissey's with the library network CW/MARS , a computer catalog which superseded the old paper card system.Another way staidly named Jacob Edwards has displayed its modern streak is that it is a "Digital Treasures" site.
A-B had hewed to its familiar formula for this year's game, with a mix of jokey Bud Light spots and more staidly humorous Clydesdale ads, all orchestrated by ad maestro Bob Lachky.
It lends his image a quality more redolent of black-and-white photographs than of TV - strengthening that Kennedy-era association again - while also looking fashionable and idealistic rather than staidly businesslike.
As his hand staidly cleaves to the whimpering suicidist, temporarily forestalling a plummet to death, a camera tilt upward partially reveals Oh Daesu's shadowed countenance.
Donald Stewart The Cabinet will examine the detailed figures at a Downing Street meeting next Thursday, and decide then whether they dare to challenge the Scottish verdict The Tories will vote staidly against and about 20 Labour MP's may withhold their support from the Government.
Like the paleness of Jewel's chip-like eyes, Darl's description of Jewel as "wooden-faced" and "wooden-backed" becomes part of a staidly obsessive and only gradually transformed sculptural portrait.
He speaks not as a country pastor but rather, in Hamlet's phrase, of"country matters" (III.ii.123) when he comments, "Froude was absolutely enamoured of Tintern, & I found it hard to get him away as if he had been tumbled in love with the chambermaid." Then, after a parenthetical passage about the visit of Hubert's sister, Charlotte, with Keble's sister, Mary Anne, Keble continues somewhat more staidly but still with an emphasis on homely detail absent from Froude's response:</p> <pre>
One cannot help but compare this unruly scene, and Wagener's written description of the ceremony it depicts, with Rembrandt's famous painting of almost the very same year known popularly as The Night Watch, formally entitled The Shooting Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq--which depicts a Dutch military company staidly assembling behind its leaders for a parade.
Perhaps the most unequivocal statement of this position comes in Robert Kuhn McGregor, A Wider View of the Universe: Henry Thoreau's Study of Nature (U of Illinois P, 1997), a hagiographical reading that sees Thoreau changing from "a classically and staidly trained transcendentalist into a radical naturalist" and makes him the inventor of "the principle ofbiocentrism and the science of ecology" (5, 3).