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Synonyms for staid

Synonyms for staid

full of or marked by dignity and seriousness

Synonyms for staid

characterized by dignity and propriety


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The gags are staid and lame as the writing is superfluous and mundane.
Staid will report to President and CEO Glen Messina and succeeds Marty Foster, who is retiring from the company after 20 years of service.
"The profession does have a very staid, boring image," says Wilma.
SHOPGIRLS BBC2 9pm LAST ONE Dr Pamela Cox looks at the latter half of the 20th century, when shopgirls shrugged off their staid reputation to become trendy.
Sources revealed that their wedding will be no serious and staid affair as they will be cheered on by some of the most hilarious stars in entertainment as the guest list will include Ben Stiller, Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler, her 'Friends' co-stars like Courtney Cox, among others, Radar Online reported.
Rising star Felicity Jones puts the cream of British acting talent in the shade in this staid but sturdy period drama concerning Charles Dickens'secret extra-marital affair.
The visitors and devotees at the staid place have to park their vehicles along the main road that not only creating traffic jams, but also resulting in accidents at times.
Evidence from the Cassini spacecraft suggests that the small moon isn't just a staid icy rock, said Bonnie Buratti of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on March 19.
Following his arrival in the UK in the 1980s, Jim was practically single-handedly responsible for revolutionising the staid, old-fashioned style of racecourse commentary with a new and exciting vocabulary from Australia via Hong Kong.
Orville Redenbacher's Pop Up Bowl from ConAgra Foods is bringing real pop to the staid microwave popcorn category.
and insist that Volvos are staid, boring, safe with looks akin to a brick, staid and did you say boring, let me clarify...
Summary: A usually staid weekly Papal audience has been spiced up this week with an acrobatic performance by a troupe of topless men.
Some of the more staid red shades were still in evidence in the endcap displays, however, indicating that a younger, edgier audience is already keen on the film before it debuts on March 5, 2010.
However, the staid images feel at odds with your vibrant content.