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having characteristics of the stage especially an artificial and mannered quality


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BANGKOK: Oman rode on two superb spells by Sanjaya Ravindra and Kevin Stagy Kattokaran, the two highest wicket-takers of the tournament, to beat Hong Kong by 30 runs in the semifinal yesterday, setting up a summit clash with Kuwait in today's final of the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier Asia Division Two in Bangkok.
Unfortunately, thesping is too often stagy and stilted, as emphasized by the severely stylized approach.
The postures are stagy and melodramatic, the costumes self-evidently hand-made; everything here is bathed in an atmosphere of charming unreality.
The laughter drawn sadly by Iachimo's attempted seduction of Imogen may be justified in terms of Shaw's dismissal of the play as 'stagy trash of the lowest melodramatic order'.
There have been troubling attacks on free speech from pro-war quarters as well, such as the appalling incident in which Sacramento Bee publisher Janis Besler Heaphy, a commencement speaker at California State University at Sacramento, was heckled and booed off the stagy after she expressed concern that civil liberties might be endangered in the war effort.
They do stagy head turns to interview talking heads on Jambi screens with market quotes, headlines, weather, all blinking like an optic migraine I once had.
Her partner, Bourtasenkov, a good dancer who did yeoman's service filling in for an injured Marin Boieru, has a stagy acting style that was ill suited to the spare aesthetic of Duo Concertant.
I, for example, don't care what Peter Davis says, I think the Gotz Friedrich production of Elektra is harrowingly dramatic and true to Strauss and Hofmannstahl rather than "stagy, self-indulgent gloss [that] seldom generates much dramatic tension." But that's all right, disagreement is part and parcel of criticism.
Characters treat one another with a courtliness that may be more common in North Carolina than elsewhere but nevertheless often feels stagy and false.
Oman boys Amanpreet Singh Sirah and Kevin Stagy Kattokaran were virtually unplayable taking 4 for 6 and 3 for 6 respectively as Qatar was dismissed for a meagre 59 in the 26th over.
Much of the story, especially an extended discussion between Keita and Tomoko, has a stagy feel, and Shindo draws on cinematic techniques to enhance rather than hide the film's legit flavor.
There would be none of the dim atmosphere, stagy spotlighting, or garden path motifs that Robert Wilson recently used in his installation for the reopening of the Noguchi Museum in New York, which emphasized the "spiritual," Eastern view of the artist.
With his unaffected manner, and rather stagy patter, O'Donnell positively invites cynicism.
The lure of Zhang and cowriter Wang Xiabo's stagy setup is in seeing how, if at all, A-Lan's anecdotal striptease will pay off.
Oman Under-19 squad: Prathamesh Kumble (captain), Sami Al Balushi, Joel Biju (wk), Mohammed Sameer, Adeel Abbas, Muhammed Muzahir Raza, Amanpreet Singh Sirah, Siddhant Gavankar, Azam Ali, Yash Mehta, Kevin Stagy Kattokaran, Sanjaya Ravindra, Jeel Tanna and Neev Poojari.