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  • verb

Synonyms for stagnate



  • fester
  • become stale
  • become stagnant
  • become trapped
  • putrefy
  • stop flowing
  • become foul

Synonyms for stagnate

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It would be such a shame if Woodman's form stagnates and he has to have a serious think about what he wants to do.
The second is when capability has plateaued and stagnates.
"Seismic measurements show that in some mantle regions, where one slab is subducted underneath another one, the movement stagnates, as soon as the rocks have reached a certain depth," said Prof.
"And against the backdrop of the escalating eurozone crisis and ongoing fiscal squeeze, we still expect the economy at best to stagnate next year."
"Meanwhile, with no reforms, Europe would stagnate, with the average output
Christmas will provide little relief from the credit crunch with retail sales expected to stagnate at zero per cent growth, according to market analyst Mintel.
EU: Next year will mark the end of the economic recovery in Germany, the head of the Cologne Institute for Business Research said in comments to be published today."The creation of work which has allowed the fall in unemployment for nearly two million people since the start of 2005 is coming to an end," wrote Michael Huther in the Bild am Sonntag."Little new employment will be created, unemployment is going to stagnate."
About 62%of people said they thought the property market would continue to rise in value, with just 21% of people predicting it would stagnate, fall in value or even crash, according to the Association of Investment Companies.
Limited domestic and foreign markets will therefore stagnate feed demand in the EU, increasing the availability of feedstock and land for biofuel production, heading off price rises for food and ingredients.
A source said: "Curtis is adamant his career will stagnate if he stays.
Before the new cooling gadget begins serving on chips, it might show up between heat-sink fins, where air tends to stagnate, says Jewell-Larsen.
To do otherwise is to stagnate, to fall behind and, ultimately, to die.
Ongoing cost cuts and the unit's order situation also give grounds for optimism and ABB expects its markets to stagnate in 2004 and must therefore improve its efficiency and take market share, he says.
Why is it that some executives ascend to power and triumph while others stagnate in the middle?
If the province fails to invest, the North will stagnate.