stagnant hypoxia

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hypoxia resulting from slow peripheral circulation (such as follows congestive cardiac failure)

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Disease Location Mechanism Retinal vein occlusion Posterior, peripheral Stagnant hypoxia Macroglobulinemia Peripheral, posterior Stagnant hypoxia Multiple myeloma Peripheral, posterior Stagnant hypoxia Sickle-cell anemia Peripheral, posterior Stagnant hypoxia Ischemic hypoxia Malignant hypertension Peripheral, posterior Ischemic hypoxia Pulseless disease Peripheral, posterior Ischemic hypoxia Affinity hypoxia Diabetes mellitus Posterior, peripheral Stagnant hypoxia Ischemic hypoxia
Stagnant hypoxia occurs when blood flow is inadequate, or there is blood pooling.
Stagnant hypoxia is the result of a reduction in the total volume of circulating blood because of shock, or the pooling of blood in the extremities during rapid acceleration.