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The US financial services industry has experienced recent growth after encountering a period of stagnancy between the years of 2000 and 2002.
The Adviser noted that telecom industry needs to be supported in all respects so that stagnancy of last couple of years of the sector can be removed and growth is stimulated.
However, the front-end of semiconductor manufacturing has been in stagnancy, still in the era of 12-inch wafer, and it is likely that 15-inch wafer era will not come.
The 3% median increase in total 2008 director remuneration reflects a general salary stability -- and in some cases, stagnancy -- seen across employees and executives at many companies during the current recession.
Best believes that South China will sustain its growth momentum through further integration within Hua Nan Financial Holdings despite the recent market stagnancy.
This is especially true during periods characterized by relatively low returns and with relative stagnancy or worse in the U.
Investors may want to bridge the gap in between stagnancy and profitability with a position in GPS.
com, says that despite the continued refinement and increased power of digital content creation applications, this market will not break out of its current stagnancy until interfaces become more consumer and artist-friendly.
The "Stimulus Movement", as defined in an official manifesto, aims to battle complacency, mediocrity and stagnancy, replacing those emotionally numbing thoughts with "the life-affirming obsession to create
SIVB broke out of its relative stagnancy in mid-October at which time it was lingering in the $20 range.
In a 'Maalaala Mo Kaya' episode, Wurtzbach revealed that among her frustrations in life was the stagnancy of her showbiz career at the time - with Alonzo's career soaring especially as she was paired with ace actor John Lloyd Cruz.
It is time to break this stagnancy at the union level and not just have an incremental but an exponential increase in budgets for children in the upcoming union budget 2018-19," said director of policy advocacy and research, CRY - Child Rights and You, Komal Ganotra.
Ministry of Commerce through rigorous efforts in collaboration with business community has succeeded in breaking the stagnancy in export profile of the country.
The statement clarified that as for stagnancy in exports, it was largely due to global economic conditions, low commodity prices and severe bottlenecks in the energy and infrastructure sectors of the economy as well as adverse security conditions in the country.