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The minister said there is no concept of stagnancy in universe and it was special quality of Muslim scholars in past to remain indulge in fields of research
Culture committees can help companies prevent stagnancy from setting in, and these panels are most effective when they include a diverse, cross-functional membership.
If the stagnancy persists, air quality will remain at a similar level for days."
Given the current confidence level and business stagnancy between Pakistan and Afghanistan, it was vitally important to re-establish confidence building measures, most importantly to bring the stakeholders at one platform for facilitating the process of comprehensive table talks.
In a 'Maalaala Mo Kaya' episode, Wurtzbach revealed that among her frustrations in life was the stagnancy of her showbiz career at the time - with Alonzo's career soaring especially as she was paired with ace actor John Lloyd Cruz.
There was stagnancy. Thankfully, Shoojitda came to my life at a right time because among all these commercial films, this is one film that has challenged me the most.
It is time to break this stagnancy at the union level and not just have an incremental but an exponential increase in budgets for children in the upcoming union budget 2018-19," said director of policy advocacy and research, CRY - Child Rights and You, Komal Ganotra.
In February, Juhayna's CEO said his company will reduce its investments during 2017 as a result of economic stagnancy and lower purchasing power.
This measure of potential air stagnancy, which the researchers call the Pollution Potential Index (PPI), revealed that "the ventilation conditions in January 2013 were the worst in three decades of data," according to study coauthor Yuhang Wang of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
A New Perspective on Income Inequality", between 2005 and 2014 some 65-70% of all households among the 25 highest-income countries saw either stagnancy or a decline in their income, whereas only 2% of those households suffered from such between 1993 and 2005.
After years of stagnancy at the club, at the end of this summer the Hoops board asked Stephen McPhail to become the club's first director of football.
While the key markets of Western Europe and North America have witnessed stagnancy in liquid milk consumption paired with fast growth in processed and soy products, developing countries have recorded steep growth in demand for dairy products owing to their fairly low per capita consumption.
Beyond being worrisome for traditional media, stagnancy of advertising markets is not sustainable for the entire industry if it goes on for extended periods.
His critics blame him for a persistent stagnancy in support rates for the CHP throughout his time in the office.
As per estimates, Pakistan economy is set to grow by 4.6 percent by 2016 which confirms two consecutive years of increased growth after a couple of years of stagnancy. Last year for FY 2014-15 ending in June, country's GDP grew 4.2 percent displaying a need for the government to set realistic and achievable targets for economic performance.