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an area where troops and equipment in transit are assembled before a military operation

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Once you've found a staging area, mark it carefully on your map.
Once a pallet is built, it's delivered to the order staging area (7), where boxes are labeled, the pallet is wrapped and then staged for shipping (6).
The good thing about early season staging areas is that they will almost always be located close to the most desirable food source.
The simplest staging areas I have found are miniature food plots tucked in small clearings just inside the cover from larger feeding areas.
The new staging area enables FISC Pearl Harbor to reduce staging time and complexity, and helps reduce heavy vehicle traffic on community roadways.
We noted whether emperor geese used stopover sites during their migration from the YKD to autumn staging areas. Stopover sites were locations where individual birds stopped briefly (usually < 7 days) during long-distance flights to or from staging areas.
By combining both technologies and deploying disk as a staging area for tape backup, both short-term, high-performance backup and restore, and long-term archival of data are accomplished.
The BCT receives its mission 4 days before D-day, and the GACs then assemble in a staging area at the ISB while the rest of the brigade prepares for combat.
When the US entered the war in April 1898, citizens in nearby Jacksonville successfully petitioned the army to designate the city as a staging area for troops.
In a series of reports beginning in 1996, THE NEW AMERICAN warned that Bosnia, the UN-administered former Yugoslav province, had become a staging area for Muslim terrorist groups.
This all gets sorted out by computer in a large staging area. After bodies are primed and masked they roll on their dollies into the staging area.
Davenport's most recent series, given the deadpan title "The Apartments," 2001, concentrates on a form of New York City architecture: pseudo-modernist apartment buildings commonly known as "white-brick wonders." Though they are anything but wondrous, in the grip of digital montage these structures become the blank staging area for a series of miniature marvels, an almost unfathomable chain of "radical" events. is composed of two sites: one for "partners" and the other "public." The private partner administration site provides a staging area for the service provider collaboration and content management that is vital to the effort's success.
The molds then move on to a staging area for manual pouring--usually molds are poured [at 2400-2500F (1316-1371C)] every other day.
For example, scientists are rethinking "short-term memory," which was considered as a sort of staging area for incoming data to be prepared for dumping into the brain's "hard disk" or long-term memory.