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Synonyms for staginess

showy mannerisms and behavior

Synonyms for staginess

an artificial and mannered quality

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Does the staginess and overwrought spectacle undermine the otherwise pious and uplifting view of Poland's political destiny in Europe and its cultural position in Western civilization?
While other centers have, informally, videotaped bits of sessions (such as dealing with a recalcitrant client, coping with the crying student, or helping a student write a literary analysis), these short segments often have a whiff of staginess and do not capture a complete tutorial with its false starts and reversals and peaks and valleys and hesitations.
Well-clothed with James's own voice from the Prefaces, essays, and letters, Brooks begins with The American, read as 'a kind of drama pitting the restrictions and limitations of a strict realism against the claims of a greater freedom, staginess, and vision' (p.
The photographers are more aggressive in their imagery and its meaning: Yu Hang's traditional women have a brittle staginess to them and Wang Ningde's black-and-whites add a tinge of the dream to essentially naturalist "captures." The Gao Brothers go to great lengths to organize or fabricate the subjects of their candy-colored Mao toy sculptures and large group shots, while Zhang Xianyong goes thoroughly overboard in his visually and informationally dense fantasies wherein Chinese Army soldiers reenact scenes from European wars--in cities that marry Paris to Shanghai, Beijing to London.
Unlike his earlier portraits at Lake Tyers, Caire's Coranderrk images are notable for their staginess and ersatz representations of traditional culture.
Hill read in a clear, supple, beautifully modulated voice, as disciplined as any actor's, but without the least staginess. In fact, there arose a curious dissonance between his sober recitation and the magical voluptuousness of his language, the aural analogue perhaps of that daffodil-bright bowtie glinting against the black fabric of his jacket.
It was to be a tourism poster for Shannon airport and development on the western seaboard." (61) Highly critical of its staginess and lack of cinematic sensibilities, Frazier concludes, "The film ...
A sometime solo playwright and for 29 years the manager of London's Drury Lane Theatre, Garrick made his greatest mark as an actor whose mercurial performance style exploded the tradition of declamatory staginess favored by his forbears.
In the process, Strychacz helps us to recognize vital but often overlooked qualities in Hemingway's style--its staginess, playfulness, hesitancy, and indeterminacy.
Despite the humor in this passage, and the opening allusion to "staginess," the comparison with a "real" person is not entirely fair.
In a Baltimore Sun essay, he confesses: "Never in my life had I talked to myself for hours as I did that day, and though I was self-conscious of the moment's staginess, I had to talk through the decision that I'd climbed the mountain to make."
[Music]" (98)--a hysterial therapy--merely accentuates the staginess of the play-within-play.25 In this way, the revivification scene, read as a joke, exploits the occasion of Hermione's genuine lack of sufficient "childbed privilege" (3.2.103) and renders it an exaggerated, performative rendition of Hermione's supposed sexual license and infidelity from the perspective of Leontes: a dissatisfied womb raging about "fells" Hermione with a hysterical fit, so she performs an apropos revivification.
The splitscreen technique fails to gloss over the soft-porn fantasy inherent in Brown's premise or the staginess of the writing.
The power of her performances--her pose as Granger's sister, as de Mersch's mistress, her "disappearing acts"--adds to the "staginess" of the show, as Granger remarks that "I began to think she must be an actress of genius" (43).