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in a stagy and theatrical manner


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THE MAN UPSTAIRS (Border, Central, Granada, Ulster, Tyne Tees 2.20am - 3.55am) Katharine Hepburn shields fugitive Ryan O'Neal in theatrical piece, stagily performed.
A pity then that, for all its liberal intentions and delicate handling, it's just so tactfully discrete, stagily directed and self-consciously mannered that it never engages on an emotional level or gets inside the characters' interior worlds.
Radford's approach of having the actors read their dialogue not in stagily enunciated verse but in more fluid standard speech patterns generally works well.
Now comes the next turbulent wave of Austrian psychodramas in the age of Freud, an era synonymous with Schiele's stagily grotesque self-portraits that go right to the bone--and groin.
It's the way of the world in Williams for sensitivity to be snuffed out, and so events proceed murderously here as prefigured by the loss of vision (metaphoric and literal) of the town's resident artist, the sheriff's wife Vee (Julia Swift, stagily filling another difficult but key supporting role).