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a large heavy hound formerly used in hunting stags and other large game

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Only then it becomes clear that the slender light-built dolichocephalic deerhound which hunts by sight should be referred to as kurtas in Lithuanian and as [phrase omitted] in Russian and the heavy-built staghound which is used to hunt the deer by scent or blood trail is skalikas in Lithuanian and [phrase omitted] in Russian.
Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham, the commanding officer of the RAF's 2nd Tactical Air Force who was just behind the lines with Simonds in a Staghound armoured car, was moved tell him with typical British understatement: "You know, I never did believe in using heavy bombers for close support." After this latest disaster, very few did.
Down and Pillivant were supported by more than 12 Quantock Staghound members on horseback.
Twenty-four hours or so later, Jodie chalked up her fifth winner of the season, scoring an easy win on Natasha Woodington's 12-year-old bay gelding Bay Central in the ladies' open race at the Tiverton Staghounds meeting.
There is a wonderful painting of him, wearing the blue, gold-trimmed livery of the King's staghounds, in the Hall's library.
| HAVE horses will travel is the motto of David Brace OBE who last Sunday had winners at both the Tiverton Staghounds meeting at Bratton Down and the Bicester & Whaddon Chase at Whitfield, writes Brian Lee.
Rather, in a gut-wrenching account of the abuse M'Ling undergoes, Prendick equates the sailors with the staghounds by describing both of them as "brutes" (80, 85), and in doing so he relegates the seamen as well as their canine companions to the bottom rungs of the evolutionary ladder.
Alan tells me that Clare learned to ride years ago when following the Exmoor Staghounds on ponies.
Morison described what came next with excitement: Task Group 34.9's destroyers led the way "with their main batteries yap-yapping, dancing ahead like two fox terriers, followed by the queenly Augusta with a high white wave-curl against her clipper bow, her 8-inch guns booming a deep 'woof-woof'; and finally the stolid, scrappy Brooklyn, giving tongue with her six-inchers like ten couple of staghounds, and footing so fast that she had to make a 300-degree turn to take station astern of her senior." One of Morison's shipmates recalled "several [Vichy shells] passed so close to our superstructure that you could hear them go by."
The footage was taken by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), which members claim shows the Quantock Staghounds on Sir Paul's estate in St John's Wood, near Bampton in Somerset.
Earlier this year the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) confirmed the case was the Srst brought by the state for hunting foxes, although the Devon and Somerset Staghounds are being prosecuted by police in connection with stag hunting.
On the way home we met the chap who hunts the staghounds in the park.