staghorn fern

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any of various tropical ferns of the genus Platycerium having large flat lobed fronds often resembling the antlers of a stag

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?The plants must be free of yellow foliage.The staghorn fern's greybrown leaf is part of the plant.
Look on the upper cliff face to see a large staghorn fern with a ficus seedling growing in the middle of it.
"Mounting staghorn ferns creates a little piece of the jungle that you can hang on your wall," says houseplant specialist Jesse Waldman of Portland's Pistils Nursery.
When you found him in your books, you'd have a miracle: he'd flown to your Florida sanctuary, thick with staghorn ferns and orchids, like his home, Haleakala, a volcano some four thousand miles away.
There are giant staghorn ferns, elephant ear taro, sansevieria, ground ferns and towering pole bamboo.
Between the deck and my kitchen, I have a dozen varieties of succulents, a 15-year-old geranium, a pitcher plant, some orchids, two spider plants, and some air plants and staghorn ferns scattered around.
Whether photographing Rafflesia or more common rainforest plants such as staghorn ferns, strangler figs, liane vines and tree ferns, many photographers venturing into a tropical rainforest for the first time are surprised at how difficult it can be to achieve an accurate exposure.
MoschettiAAEs dining room table is full of baby staghorn ferns and other greenhouse plants, and the transition to the box outside is almost seamless.
'Joni Mitchell loves staghorn ferns. I come into her kitchen and she says, "Shelley, sit down and have a coffee with me." She'll be composing and ask my opinion.
A garden that revealed itself a little at a time with magical features on every turn--epiphytes, staghorn ferns, naturalized orchids in the old oak canopy and mature palms--and looked like it belonged and had always been, there."
Visiting wholesalers throughout the state (he won't reveal which nurseries he frequents; "I don't want to give away my trade secrets," he says), Cardy says his selection method is simply to "look and see what appeals to me." The result is a triumphant mishmash of foliage: staghorn ferns, bougainvillea, Alexandria palms and date palms, tiny cacti and towering live oak.
We've fallen in love (again) with staghorn ferns. To mount one: Hold the fern, shield facing out, against a piece of wood.
In intimate coves decorated with statuary and rocks, magnificent staghorn ferns cling to trees, angel trumpets sway gently, their fragrance carried by a vernal breeze, variegated ginger stands in graceful clusters and green ferns in many shades and textures add to the verdant background.