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Synonyms for staggerer

someone who walks unsteadily as if about to fall

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Progressive atrophy of cerebellar PC dendrites during aging of the heterozygous staggerer mouse (Rora+/sg).
While the 'complete rout' was a' staggerer', the loss of every 'Labor No-Conscription Candidate' for the Senate--and return of every expelled ex-Labor Senator--was especially stunning.
We cruised around Atherstone at chucking out time, but beyond the odd drunken staggerer it was quiet."
The party was also riven by internal dissension between the orthodox 'flailers', who denounced their opponents, the 'staggerers' for even considering a joint front against fascism with the social democrats.
Will you judge me with a deeper love than I could offer the staggerers and plaintiffs earlier in my years and see how I see your eyes in their reasons?